Thermo Scientific Trace GC/TCD/FID/FPD

This GC is specially equipped for the determination of natural gas composition. With three detectors the simultaneous measurements of gaseous hydrocarbons, H 2, N 2, O 2, CO 2 and H 2S is possible in one run.


Thermo Scientific TraceGC Ultra

Installed Columns:           Restek Rt-Alumina Bond(Na 2SO 4), 30m*0.53mm, 10 micron @ FID

                                             Restek Packed Column, Rt XLSulfur 2m 1/8”OD @ FPD

                                             Restek Packed Colum, MS 15x @ TCD

Detectors:                           FID, FPD, TCD

Carrier Gas:                       Helium, Argon