New papers on early diagenesis of lower Toarcian organic-rich marls in the Bächental basin and Miocene hydrocarbon source rocks in Szurdokpüspöki (Hungary) and Parisdorf/Limberg (Austria)

New papers on depositional environment and hydrocarbon potential of Oligo-/Miocene source rock in the Paratethys area

Since many years, the Chair in Petroleum Geology is involved in the investigation of Oligocene and lower Miocene source rocks in the Paratethys realm. Four new papers dealing with source rocks exposed in the Czech and Ukrainian Carpathians (Jirman et al., 2019; Rauball et al., 2019) and along the western Black Sea coast in Turkey and Bulgaria (Tulan et al., 2020a,b) have been published recently. The section in Ukrainian Carpathians, which has a higher hydrocarbon potential than any other source rock section worldwide, is especially remarkable.

Jirman, P., Geršlová, E., Bubik, M., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Wieclaw, D., 2019. Depositional environments and hydrocarbon potential of the most promising source rock in the Western Carpathians: A case study from the Oligocene Menilite Formation (Czech Republic). Marine and Petroleum Geology, 107, 334-350.

Rauball, J.F., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Bechtel, A., Coric, S., Gratzer, R., 2019. The Oligocene-Miocene Menilite Formation in the Ukrainian Carpathians: A world-class source rock. Journal Petr. Geol., 42, 393-416.

Tulan, E., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Tari, G., Flecker, R., Fairbank, V., Pupp, M., Ickert, R.B., 2020. Source rock potential and depositional environment of the Lower Oligocene  ?hsaniye Formation in NW Turkey (Thrace, Karaburun). Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 29, 64-84. doi:10.3906/yer-1906-14

Tulan, E., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Witkowski, J., Tari, G., Coric, S., Bechtel, A., 2020. Microfossil assemblages (diatoms, calcareous nannofossils, and silicoflagellates), paleoenvironment, and hydrocarbon source rock potential of the Oligocene Ruslar Formation at Karadere, Bulgaria. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 29, 154-169. doi:10.3906/yer-1906-14

New papers on climate-sensitive biomarkers in coals and organic-rich sediments

Organic geochemical markers ("biomarkers") are frequently used to reconstruct vegetation and paleoclimatic conditions at times of sediment deposition. Two new papers address the depositional environment of Miocene coals (Konin Basin, Poland) and Pleistocene organic-rich sediments (Lake Van, Eastern Turkey). 

Goldstein Award of the Microanalysis Society to Sanja Vranjes-Wessely, MSc

Sanja Vranjes-Wessely received the Goldstein Scholar Award (Microanalysis Society). This award, sponsored by the Meteoritical Society and the publishing house Springer, is intended to support career advancement for early career members of the MAS. Sanja is a doctoral student in the project "Geomat", an interdisciplinary project of the chairs of petroleum geology and materials physics. "Geomat" is part of the funding program "dedicated to the support of interdisciplinary studies at Montanuniversitaet Leoben" of the rectorate. The award will help her to test the applicability of helium ion microscopy for the structural characterization of organic-matter-rich rocks at the University of Bielefeld.

New papers on solid bitumen in shales: International Journal of Coal Geology

Two recent papers address the importance of solid bitumen in shale geology:

Solid bitumen in shales: Petrographic characteristics and implications for reservoir characterization (Int. J. Coal Geology, 205, 14-31)

Petrographic and sorption-based characterization of bituminous organic matter in the Mandal Formation, Central Graben, Norway (Int. J. Coal Geology, 211, in press)

New paper: Oil seepage and carbonate formation: A case study from the southern Gulf of Mexico

Walther E. Petrascheck - Preis

David Misch, PhD. has been honoured with Walther E. Petrascheck Preis (2018) of the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW).

more information is available here

Hans Höfer von Heimhalt - Preis

David Misch, PhD. has been honoured with Hans Höfer von Heimhalt - Preise (2018) of the Österreichische Geologische Gesellschaft (ÖGG). 

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AAPG Europe Educator of the Year

Prof. Reinhard Sachsenhofer has been honoured with AAPG Europe Educator of the Year Award (2017) of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

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