Climate change during the last 200,000 years at the Lake Van area (Turkey)

In 2009 two sediment cores from Lake Van were successfully recovered. After 4 years we have: first of all a reliable age model, a basic understanding of factors controlling the sedimentation in Lake Van, and numerous sediment samples that are ready for further analysis. Our studies will include measurements of terrestrial plants as well as algal biomarkers to decipher differences or commonalities in the catchment and in the lake itself. We propose to do numerous biomarker investigation on specifically selected core regions, i.e., with a special focus on terminations I and II, and on glacials characterized by millennial-scale hydroclimate variability known as Dansgaard Oeschger events. Since this project is embedded in the Paleovan Team it will have the support and knowledge gained during the first 4 years of all researchers based mainly in Switzerland, Germany and Turkey.

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