Data Aquisition

Source rock potential evaluation

  • Carbon and Sulphur content of Rock Samples (LECO approach): TOC, TC, TIC, S
  • Rock Eval pyrolysis: S1, S2, Tmax
  • Vitrinite reflectance measurement
  • (Semi-) Quantitative maceral composition

Organic Geochemistry

  • Determination of oil composition
  • Determination of natural gas composition
  • Biomarker extraction of rock samples
  • Biomarker analysis of rock extracts and oils


  • Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopy of organic matter in rocks and of fluids in bulk
  • Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopy of carbonates and of dissolved inorganic carbon in water
  • Stable component specific Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopy of liquid and gaseous Hydrocarbons

X-ray diffractometry

  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses

Core-log correlation, formation correlation

  • Gammaspektroscopy
  • Destruction free permeability measurements on whole cores in situ with portable permeameter

Diagenesis Studies

Studies of Diagenesis of Reservoirs using multi proxy approach


Organic geochemistry in reservoirs

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